Industrial Lumber

Industrial Lumber
Our southern yellow pine lumber can be supplied in any grade from clear to dunnage grade. Any syp product can be shipped from 1” to 14×14” timbers. The lumber or timbers are shipped rough green to air and kiln dried depending on your requirements.


Southern Yellow Pine
All grades and sizes. Brands, Lumbers and Timbers.


We can cut oak and other hardwood to fit your requirements. Wedges, Blocks, Chamfers, etc.


Industrial Grades and will cut to size. Cross outs, Kiln Sticks, and cut to order.


All Grades. On Grades and Industrial Grades.


All Grades. On Grades and Industrial Grades.


Wooden Chock Blocks

Our Wooden Chock Blocks come with pre-drilled holes or without. The pre-drilled holes on our Wooden Chock Blocks allow you to nair or screw down without splitting the block. We can cut to your specifications.
Please contct for quote.Great for oilfield pipe, equipment, steel, etc